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Furniture, Auto & Commercial Upholstering in Alberta & British Columbia

No need to spend money replacing your worn item. Call Stuckey’s Upholstery! We fix anything that needs sewing, gluing, patching, repairing and restoring. You save money and protect the earth by recovering your old item, rather than tossing it out and buying a new one.


More than 35 Years of Experience

Stuckey’s has been in business for more than 35 years because of our commitment to the public. We service the commercial, residential, industrial and manufacturing industries and are very service-oriented. Whether we’re fixing your boat upholstery or providing a backlit awning for your business, Stuckey’s Upholstery is ready to serve your needs with our custom-made upholstery.


Tell Us Your Ideas!

You’ll find that Stuckey’s Upholstery is reliable, flexible and accommodating – in fact, we guarantee all our work 100%. We’ll deal in trade-in negotiations and are willing to try your new ideas. If other upholsterers have turned you down because your ideas are different, come to Stuckey’s – we’re always willing to accommodate a customer.

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61038 668 Hwy, County of GP NO1, AB T8W 5A9

Main 780-539-4850


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